Whereas visits to Iquitos and the Amazon jungle in the North of Peru mean visiting the true Amazon River, the city of Puerto Maldonado and the nearby Tambopata National Reserve in the South East of Peru, at the confluence of two much smaller tributaries of the Amazon, have far greater wildlife diversity. If bird watching and wildlife spotting are a priority or a preference, then this is the part of Peru to visit.

The Tambopata National Reserve was established by the Peruvian government in 1990 to protect the biodiversity within the region, which includes over 100 species of mammal, over 500 species of bird and over 1000 species of butterflies.

Tours to this area and stays in lodges within the jungle involve visiting parrot clay licks, catamarans on oxbow lakes, jungle trekking, river adventures, mountain biking, night time wildlife spotting, and countless wildlife opportunities. Visiting this area of the world will result in an almost incomparable jungle and wildlife experience.