Go Andes was founded out of a love for travel and a love of the fabulous continent of South America - a region we truly believe is the greatest travel destination on the planet. All members of our team have spent time living and travelling in South America, so we really do have first-hand expert knowledge of travel in this wonderful continent. We have the simple aim of providing easy, affordable and flexible holiday opportunities for you to explore and enjoy the fascinating continent of South America.

Meet our team and hear about some of their favourite South American holiday destinations:

Maria, Director - UK Office

Maria, Go Andes

About Maria: Originally from Peru, Maria is our resident South American and native Spanish speaker, and is our source of inspiration and "local" knowledge of where and how to travel in South America. Maria is the day-to-day UK contact for all things Go Andes and manages the UK office.

What is your favourite South America travel destination? "As a Lima native I'm maybe biased!, but by favourite destinations in South America centre around my home city of Lima. So my "top tips" in Lima include "Puente de los Suspiros" in Barranco for a romantic evening stroll and meal, Parque Kennedy and Parque del Amor in Miraflores, Huaca Pucllana and Huaca Huallamarca to experience some ancient history within the modern city, and anywhere that's serving fresh ceviche and pisco sour!"

Jonathan, Director - UK Office

Jonathan Go Andes

About Jonathan: Jonathan has travelled to South America countless times and has visited the majority of the continent as well as spending over a year living in Lima. He is our resident photographer and has an expert knowledge of travel throughout many regions of South America. Jonathan spends part of his time in the UK office, and also works away from the office liasing with travel agencies, charities, suppliers, and our other endeavors.

What is your favourite South America travel destination? "There are too many to list here, I have so many happy memories across multiple countries. If I had to pick one or two I'd say trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was one of the greatest ever travelling experiences as nothing beats arriving at Machu Picchu on the final day of the trek. However I also found northern Argentina and the region in and around Cafayate beautiful, some of the ruins in the lesser-known parts of northern Peru such as Kuelap and Chan Chan were amazing, and the landscape in Bolivia and the salt flats around Uyuni is just phenomenal."

Oswaldo, South America Operations Manager - South America Office

Oswaldo Go Andes

About Oswaldo: Oswaldo is from Lima, Peru, and is permanently based in Lima to head-up our South American operations. Like all our employees Oswaldo has an incredible passion for his home country of Peru, and an unbelievable knowledge of travel in South America, including Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. He knows all the "hidden gems" of places to visit, and is a very hard-working and invaluable member of the team. 

What is your favourite South America travel destination? "If I have to pick one I'd have to choose somewhere in Peru, and although I have many favourites I think I'll say The Sacred Valley. Machu Picchu is obviously more famous, but the Sacred Valley has some other very impressive Inca ruins, is a calm and wonderful place with a magical spirit that reminds Peruvian people of our Inca heritage, and for travellers has some great hotels, so that has to be my pick."

Cesar, Digital Marketing and Website Consultant

Cesar Go Andes

About Cesar: An invaluable member of the Go Andes team, Cesar has a passion for IT and technology and is our website, blog and IT manager. As if that wasn't enough, Cesar has also travelled through much of South America and is always full of great travel tips and advice, and suggestions for new and exciting destinations. 

What is your favourite South America travel destination? "I loved watching the sunset over the beaches of Paracas in Peru - that was a magical memory, and I found the Amazon Jungle unforgettable - a great mixture of adventure, wildlife, and natural beauty."

Andrew, South America Travel Consultant - UK

Andrew Go Andes

About Andrew: Andrew has travelled worldwide but it was South America where he first caught the travel bug, spending 4 months travelling through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Chile. Andrew now works part-time for Go Andes, but his knowledge of South America from a tourist perspective remains an invaluable skill for us and he is always full of enthusiasm during exhibitions and trade shows which is he supports us the most. He is a key member of the team.

What is your favourite South America travel destination? "I loved the Jesuit Missions in Paraguay, and the steaks in Argentina are amazing, but if I have to pick one place then I would simply say: Bolivia, the scenery and landscape is like nothing I have ever seen before or since."