High QualityWe understand that things are a little uncertain at the moment, future plans may change, and greater flexibility may be needed in plans for the immediate future, and whilst we all hope the world returns to "normal" as quickly as possible, in the meantime we acknowledge that people need greater flexibility in their travel plans and so we have been working hard with our fabulous supplier-partners across South America to be able to offer you as much flexibility as possible. On our new bookings we are now able to offer more flexibility than we have ever offered before. Just another small benefit of choosing to travel to South America with us.

Our Flexible Booking Plan

FlexibilityFor new bookings made before 31st December 2021, for travel in 2021 or 2022, we are waiving all our usual change fees if you want or need to make a change to your holiday up to 35 days before your travel departure date. You can make minor changes, such as hotel or excursion tweaks, or make major changes such as to postpone and change your travel dates (for example if you need to do to COVID-19 complications) or even change your destination. 

If you are unsure about your travel plans when you need to change your travel date we will provide you with a 100% travel credit valid for travel through to the end of 2022 that you can use when your travel plans become clearer, and if you have already paid your balance payment when you change your plans if we are able we will also refund your balance payment to you, with this then becoming re-due for payment before your revised new travel dates. Terms and conditions apply (see below for further details).

We are now planning many holidays for 2022 as the world starts to return to normal and travel opens up again, and we have worked very hard with our suppliers to ensure both we and they are able to offer you as much flexibility as possible to ensure you can enjoy a wonderful holiday to South America in the future - we look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful continent.

Terms and Conditions

Our flexible booking plan applies to new bookings only, made prior to 31st December 2021, for travel commencing in 2021 or 2022 (your holiday arrival date in South America can start on or before 31st December 2022).

You may change your booking once up to 35 days before your travel departure date free of charge. Any further changes or multiple change requests may incur an amendment fee and other charges as per our Booking Terms and Conditions. If you do need to change your booking we kindly ask that you notify us as early as possible.

If you request new travel dates and they incur an increase in cost, for example due to hotel availability or because your new travel dates coincide with national holidays in your country of destination, we will endeavour to absorb these costs for you but may need to charge a small surcharge in rare instances. Similarly if your requested changes result in a reduction in cost, we will reduce the cost to you accordingly and provide you with the relevant refund.

The deposit and balance payments for your holiday will remain payable as per our standard Booking Terms and Conditions. Failure to pay the balance on time without giving notice will mean that your holiday will be automatically cancelled as per our cancellation terms.

Although we have worked hard with our partner suppliers across South America to provide greater flexibility in some instances some of our suppliers (in particular airlines, cruise companies and some luxury hotels) have stricter deposit payment plans and cancellation policies even in a post COVID-19 world. We always make every effort to reduce non-refundable costs as much as possible and recover funds, however in some instances there may be non-refundable costs which we need to exclude from our Flexible Booking Plan for these reasons. Where this is the case we will confirm to you at the point of booking. Equally some of our suppliers, such as airlines, may facilitate postponement but not cancellation, and in these cases we will follow their policy.

Our full Booking Terms and Conditions apply to all our holidays.