Any trip to the highest navigable lake in the world is instantly memorable. Lake Titicaca sits at 3812 metres above sea level, and due to the altitude the light is more vivid than at sea level and splashes the whole area with wonderfully bright and contrasting shades and colours, which make the lake look a beautiful shade of turquoise blue. The views from the lakeside, whether from the city itself or from one of the ancient funeral towers built on the shoreline, are majestic and worth the visit alone.

This is one of the areas of Peru that provides many of the classic postcard photo opportunities: of Titicaca, reed rafts, the distant Bolivian mountains, and traditional Andean dress. The most famous sites around Puno can be visited by relaxing boat rides across the lake where it is possible to visit the Uros people, who live on floating man-made reed islands, and Taquille island, where a traditional Andean farming community of highly skilled artesan craftsmen live. Lake Titicaca is a highlight of Peru and a Go Andes recommendation.