Chiclayo is used as an access point to the many interesting and important Moche and Chimu archaeological sites that surround the city in the Lambayeque valley area. This is real life Indiana Jones territory, where undiscovered ruins and ritual burial sites are still found today by ongoing excavations.

Of the many sites worth visiting in this area one of the most important, and most famous within Peru, is el Senor de Sipan and the Sipan pyramids: ancient adobe pyramids where valuable burial tombs were discovered containing the richly decorated bodies of important ancient leaders. The burial sites have been re-constructed in the pyramid locations, and the real artefacts can be enjoyed in the world class Tumbes Reales Museum.

Also unmissable is the area known as Tucume which contains the largest concentration of pyramids in the world, around 250 pyramids built together in the valley by a mysterious culture that even more mysteriously disappeared practically overnight. If you choose to visit Chiclayo then Go Andes can let you into a secret little known to the outside world: Peruvians believe the best Peruvian food comes from Chiclayo, so you will dine well here.