July was a devastating month for archaeology in Peru, with the news being released that property developers have deliberately destroyed a 4000 year-old irreplaceable pyramid.

The pyramid is situated near the town of San Martin de Porres near the Peruvian capital of Lima, in an archaeological complex called "El Paraiso". The complex consists of a number of ruins and pyramids, and is thought to be a religious and administrative centre around 4000 years old. The site is in a relatively rural agricultural region, and was unguarded, although archaeological excavations are underway at the site.


The Peruvian Ministry of Cultural Patrimony has launched criminal investigations into the property development companies of Alisol and Provelanz, amid claims that employees or individuals working for them deliberately destroyed one ancient pyramid and attempted to destroy a further three before witnesses thankfully intervened and stopped the destruction.

Although El Paraiso is not one of Peru's most well known sites, and is very rarely visited by anyone other than archaeologists, it is still an invaluable snapshot and pre-Incan life in Peru, so the news that part of this irreplaceable history has been lost forever is particularly upsetting to all at Go Andes.

If the claims are true, that the ruins were deliberately destroyed, then we hope the culprits are brought to justice as a warning to others wishing to mindlessly destroy such invaluable objects.

Published: 30/07/2013.

 El Paraiso, Peru

 One of the pyramids at El Paraiso, San Martin de Porres, near Lima, Peru.

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