Archaeologists in Peru have discovered what would appear to be a very important 1200 year-old ancient Wari tomb.

It is thought that the tomb, discovered 180 miles north of Lima, will provide key information about the mysterious Wari culture.

Archaeological investigations in the region are ongoing, however, more than 60 skeletons have been discovered in the tomb, many of which were buried sitting vertically, which is an indication that these mummies may be royalty or rich elite individuals from Wari society. This theory is further supported given the array of richly decorated finds at the site, including decorated pottery.

Most of the bodies found were female, which is leading archaeologists to rethink their perspective of female importance within the Wari culture.

Covering the funerary bundles there were additional skeletons, lying in strange positions and not wrapped in clothing, so one theory is that these were ritual or sacrificial bodies.

This find will help future investigations as archaeologists try to find out more about the ancient Wari society and culture.

Published: 06/07/2013.

Archaeologists digging at the site at El Castillo de Huarmey.

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